Friday, May 12, 2017

Know your unemployment rights!

Hey every pony! I want to have a quick talk about unemployment of all things, sparked by this article about the fiasco that was/is the Fyre Festival:

There is a lot of assumptions going on both within the article and within the commentary of it that assumes that because he is not firing these people, they are not eligible for unemployment. 

This is the important part in a know your rights kind of way.

That is incorrect. If you have "good cause" or "just cause" for quitting, you can still receive unemployment. There is a list of common "good causes" and guess what's on the top? Yep! Non-payment! 

Do NOT stay in a job that isn't paying you. Just don't do it. Quit. Explain to the unemployment board you weren't being paid. You will be eligible for unemployment.

Don't believe me? Here's more info from an HR person. 

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