Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Free Advice

Hello gentle readers. I read the article down below and it's inspired me to write a little post. Hope you take the time to read it. As always, rudeness will be deleted.

Today I would like to talk about “the other side” for a second. I don’t care what side of what issue we are talking about. Here is what I want to say in unequivocal terms: regardless of whether or not you agree with someone, that someone is *still* a human. A human with thoughts, desires, fears, hopes, dreams, loves and longings. It is NEVER EVER ok to harm the property and especially a living being that belongs to someone you disagree with. Ever. Evereverevereverever. Period. Dot. End of story.

Free word of advice, particularity as this long election cycle gets started. Please don't make death threats or post memes calling for the death to any candidate or their family. It does *nothing* to increase dialogue and discussion. It can only incite anger. And really, would you like to receive death threats for doing your job?

I think a (slightly modified) golden rule here applies: If you wouldn’t want it happening to you – don’t do it. If you wouldn’t want it happening to the candidate your support – don’t do it. If you wouldn’t want it happening to you friends and family – don’t do it.

Think. Think hard. Think before you speak. And most importantly, think before you act.

The more polarized we become as a country, the more we forget that the other side is full of humans. Individual humans. And they are not stupid. They believe the things they do because of their own life experiences, just as you believe the things you do because of your own life experiences. It is fine to have conversations, even heated ones, about what you believe. It is not fine to believe that an entire group of people is stupid because they don’t share your beliefs. It is not fine to do damage to physical property because they don’t believe what you do.

Be kind. Be considerate. Or, at the very least, do no harm. Have empathy. Put yourself in the shoes of those you don’t agree with and really ask yourself – how would I feel if someone did this to me? And then do unto others what you would have unto to you. There is a reason that this is the golden rule for most major religions. (Don’t believe me, links below!)

Also, gentle readers - a gentle reminder. Esp during this crazy political cycle. Try looking for the whole speech, or a transcript of it, instead of a single sentence meme. As it turns out, context is everything. It's important to know what was actually being said before embracing or rejecting a single sentence. This is true for both sides about either side. You will be much better informed and won't have nearly so much egg on your face when someone points out the context is you. Use Professor Google to do your own research first. Thank you.

Alsoalso, just don’t poison animals. That is just wrong on so many levels. Animals don’t have political beliefs. And you prove nothing other than you are a horrible person.

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