Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mutterings about Life and Time

I had a conversation with a dear friend the other night that has me thinking about life in general, but specifically mistakes I made in my youth (or at least my younger days) and why I made them. (Make no mistake, I don't actually believe anything I have ever done in my life is a "mistake" bc i have learned something from everything - and part of those lessons are learning what I want and don't want to do again :) )

Anyway, all of this has led me, in typical Reesa tradition, to thinking about time. I can pretty much count on one finger the amount of times in my life that broke my heart in ways that I wasn't expecting, that hit me from left field. Anyway, when I was with him, I never bothered to step up and try to change our relationship. There was always time for that to happen, and I knew it would. And so life kept going and I was happy.

And that led me to think about the nature of time.

Here's what I decided, at least for today, let me know what you think.

Life has a tendency to feel longer than it is. 

When life is good, and I am happy, I have all the time in the world. Time feels like a warm friend, forming itself around me like an invisible hand, there to support and guide - it is gentle and wonderful. 

And when life is bad, time stretches out before me - each second pausing, turning holding the pain before finally releasing to the next. 

The part of life that seems to move the quickest - it's the everyday part of life. The going to work, the coming home, the riding the subway and walking (or driving), the grocery store... the dal segno of life, if you will, the time between. 

And maybe that's one of the secrets of life, to live each moment *not* in the in between - to let time seep into my pores and stretch out into eternity, with plenty of time to feel and believe and experience, and live and love and laugh and cry and share and connect and... 

Maybe then, life wouldn't be too short, but just right.

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